Lisbon – Day 1

PRIMARK Earrings | TK MAXX  Jumpsuit
Photocredit – Tariro + Myself

Day 1 in Lisbon. Well technically Day 2, but I didn’t take pictures on day 1 so we’ll have to make do.

Lisbon is a beautiful city. We arrived  at Avenida da Liberdade on a sunny Saturday and were met by very, very cobbley  streets and an equal amount of friendly faces. Every one is so smiley in Lisbon! Everywhere we went to, although we seemed like the obnoxious British tourists that expected everyone everywhere to speak English, they were still lovely to us. Even the ones that didn’t speak English tried hard to accommodate us in everyway. I found that shameful on our part, we went to Lisbon, not knowing a single word of Portuguese and although we were willing to learn we were too anchored by embarrassment to practice. Anyway I’m not sure I can even remember everything we did on this day, we packed in so much! After leaving out hotel we walked down to the Avenida da Liberdade  and visited a pop up market with the prettiest jewellery and gorgeous (out of our budget) bags. Then we got the train and went to a McDonalds; as expected. We then paid a visit to the Santa Justa Lift which is the coolest mode of transport ever. But before that, we made a pit stop, by the pink wall on the 5th to last photo and we took photos for 2 hours. As in, it was a wall, and we stopped and struck TWO HOURS worth of poses.

We are vain. We are tourists. We are stupid.

The top of the Santa Justa Lift was breathe taking with a view of a lot of Lisbon and the beautiful Sao Gorge Castle .img_5268

I don’t want to cram too much into one post but. I will.
After getting down from the lift I think we went for dinner and guys, food in Lisbon is so cheap and so good. For 8.50 euros I got lamb chops, with rice and with chips, for the same prices I also got Sea Bass (Like the whole entire fish head to fin) and it tasted so bloody amazing, I can’t even stress.

Finally we ended the day with a trip to that place over looking the water, I really can’t remember what it was called but we met fellow brits and took selfies. It was all very cringe but the view was top notch.

Moral of the story, if you have not visited Lisbon. Please do. And try to learn Portuguese.

Day 2 soon come 🙂

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